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Accelerating your journey into online learning via our Juno platform and our network of talented learning professionals.

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About us

Helping leaders to engage, enable and evolve tomorrow's world

Learning journeys, courses, and online experiences that help business leaders to engage, enable and evolve. We are artists of content development, facilitation and storytelling. Our digital learning platform, Juno, offers a scalable, interactive connection with our wider world. Move your existing training online, or create new interactive courses. Become a part of our growing community.

Our Mission

To empower our clients on their mission to develop interactive and engaging learning content, supporting engagement and the evolution of mankind.

Our Vision

A vibrant community of learning authors, collaborating on innovative, creative content that accelerates human evolution toward an empowered and sustainable world.



We offer a user friendly digital learning platform, content development services, and a vibrant community of professionals that are passionate about all aspects of the learning and development lifecycle.

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Juno LMS

A user friendly platform that is fully outsourced and easy to adopt.


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Custom Learning

Course creation, development and transformation services, including eCommerce.

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Shine Network

A talent marketplace for finding the professional you need to support your learning journeys.


Our Name

Empanda is the Roman goddess of asylum, charity, and hospitality. Her temple distributed food to those in need. Her name means “to open”. Originally a goddess of the countryside, Empanda is essentially a welcoming inspiration. For us, she represents the spirit of  friendship, trust, and sharing. She is a muse for our desire to bring people together to share knowledge, to open ourselves to our creativity, and to collaborate on innovation. Empanda is dedicated to supporting engagement, enablement and evolution of journeys toward a sustainable, inclusive and beautiful future world.

Juno learning management system

Digital Learning Platform

We have a robust and extremely simple digital platform that hosts learning content.


Our Amazing Shine Network

Find Talent | Be Talent | Create with us

Develop leaders that are fit for the future

Oasis Leadership Journey

Find out about our flagship experience designed to help leaders lift and sustain motivation, energy, and ultimately business performance.

A Focus on Sustainability

We are committed to the 2030 Agenda for ambitious transformational change, and have aligned our business model to make a direct contribution to the delivery of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. 

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