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We are a talented team of learning, development & change professionals.

Our organisational culture is unified around a singular passion for collaborative, innovative and inspired experiences that help the enablement, engagement and evolution of an ever better and more sustainable world. 

About us

Online learning content and facilitation

At Empanda we specialise in the development of online learning content and facilitation.
We are also a learning and development advisory service, helping our clients by crafting and hosting digital learning solutions. Whether you are converting existing materials into an eLearning format or creating a new learning experience we can support you in engaging, enabling and evolving exciting and effective learning pathways. 

We provide:

a letter from our ceo

Our world is evolving faster than ever before

Rapid change brings both challenge and opportunity for our people. Some of us thrive in the face of innovation, and others feel lost or disturbed as the ground shifts beneath our feet. Our ability to survive in this dynamic context relies on our ability to unify, vision, and inspire the innovation that we want to see. 


Empanda seeks to contribute to human evolution by being a force that focuses on learning and change management. We are a collaborate force that seeks to weld our diverse blend of skills and talent into teams that unify unique threads of creativity into a laser-like focus. We like to find and focus on the specific outcomes our clients need to succeed. We see learning and change management as vital capabilities that support flourishing and sustainable organisations, and this gives us our sense of purpose. 


Since we were founded in 2014, Empanda has sought to be a rallying point for the powerful blend of talent needed to create and support our clients in managing transformation and the enablement of people. We have consistently nurtured innovative practices, and our place at the forefront of both digital and human best practice. 


We have come far, and we have further to go. Our successes to date include bringing together an enviable network of talent that is passionate about our purpose. We have also developed mature, innovative ways of working to support reliable delivery. This is supported by our ongoing investment in both our online learning platform and our authoring toolkit. Our client work portfolio demonstrates our results.


The road ahead will require further innovation. As such, we remain authentically committed to riding the tides of change, continuously improving and seeking the crest of the wave. We are fiercely determined to navigate the coal-face of innovation, packaging and sharing what we learn with our clients.


We place a focus on our own sense of play, purpose and potential. This has aligned us around the importance of building wellbeing, confidence, empowerment, motivation and kindness into our delivery. We strongly believe that by embracing these themes, we can accelerate transformational change, leading toward a sustainable future for people and our planet. 


If you have a mission that requires learning or change expertise, we would love to hear from you.


Christy Hunter Chapman

Founder and CEO

Founded in 2014

Delivering training solutions across sub-Saharan Africa

Empanda was founded in 2014 in the digital transformation space delivering training, change and communication services. We have worked with some of South Africa’s biggest companies and with clients in the USA and Europe.


Our consultants have delivered training across sub-Saharan Africa including Ghana, Nigeria, DRC, Uganda, Angola, Zambia, Mozambique, Madagascar, Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland and Lesotho. Our online training has been deployed globally to over 160 countries worldwide.

We can help you get your learning and skills development online fast and cost effectively, creating a place where you and your people are encouraged to play, can discover their purpose, and reach their full potential.


We Provide

eLearning Course
Content Development

Conversion of training
into online formats

Hosting for
online learning

eLearning course facilitation

Change management services

Accreditation and
SETA advisory services

Our Values

To live the values of Empanda client delivery, including:

To live the values of Empanda team working, including:

To live the values of a motivated and adaptive organisational culture, including:

Our Avatar

Our leadership avatar is based on a dragonfly. We love it’s shimmering and agile beauty. Able to move quickly in any direction. Remember that the dragonfly is born under pressure, a simple and unevolved creature that transforms and evolves into its future form.

Our Name

Empanda is the Roman goddess of asylum, charity, and hospitality. Her temple distributed food to those in need. Her name means “to open”. Originally a goddess of the countryside, Empanda is essentially a welcoming inspiration.


For us, she represents the spirit of friendship, trust, and sharing. She is a muse for our desire to bring people together to share knowledge, to open ourselves to our creativity, and to collaborate on innovation.


Empanda is dedicated to supporting engagement, enablement and evolution of journeys toward a sustainable, inclusive and beautiful future world.

A Focus on Sustainability

We are committed to the 2030 Agenda for ambitious transformational change, and have aligned our business model to make a direct contribution to the delivery of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.