September 4, 2019

2019: Your Best Year End Event Yet

There is a unique opportunity, once a year, to authentically recognise your team’s achievements and share a vision for the future. Many business leaders miss it: Don’t be one of them.

Company year-end parties are so last (month of the) year, they desperately needed a make-over. Events often so sterile that employees would rather book a dentist appointment than attend, or so raucous that you risk reputational brand damage just having one. Fortunately, these aren’t your only choices… boredom and jail time aside, there is another far better option.

 An Opportunity to Recognise Everyone

Empanda’s Celebrate our Journey experience offers a fun, focused and more inclusive alternative to the, watching paint dry or, let’s all do body-shots end of year party options. Starting from the premise that an end of year get-together is a once-a-year opportunity for an organisation to get most, if not all, of its employees together for a defined period of time (often off-site), the discerning leader would recognise that this is too good an opportunity to use for building your team, than to miss or waste on frivolity.

 Celebrate our Journey is a day long experience drawing in participation by all members of an organisation, no matter their level of authority or experience. Throughout, the focus is on inclusion and ensuring that the assembled group is recognised both in their individual capacities and as a team or teams. Presided over by experienced facilitators, participants are deftly guided through a programme that starts with a fun group activity which serves to bond everyone closer together as a foundation for the rest of the day’s activities.

 Authentic Appreciation

Designed for celebrating milestones, the journey maps your team’s pathway as you head towards the end of the year, reflecting on the last 12 months’ journey. Achieving the success that was hoped for was not always easy, there were some bumps and knocks along the way, but you made it. We acknowledge that our people often went the extra mile, going above and beyond what you could realistically have expected of them. It is an opportunity for the business leaders to step back, look at your people with fresh eyes and acknowledge that success is best enjoyed when it is shared. An environment is created where leaders can authentically and deeply show their appreciation for the work that was done, engaging with the actual real people behind the job descriptions and the organisational structure. When we successfully recognise our people, it lifts our business performance, it evolves our organisational culture, it motivates for the world of work that we want, and it does more than retain our people, it creates a place where talent thrives and evolves.

 Sharing Your Success

The Celebrate our Journey experience is run on the Empanda smallholding, just outside Durbanville, a rural farming environment that instantly connects everyone together with its earthy simplicity, beautifully blossoming trees and uninterrupted views of consecutive mountains cascading in ever-changing colours as far as you can see. Run both outdoors and indoors, in the stunning Empanda Inspiration Centre, the Celebrate our Journey enables leaders to share what it is that led to the company’s success and how this also maps to adding client value. Throughout a light fun mood is maintained and leaders are briefed before-hand in how best to assist the facilitators in setting the right tone for the team’s day-long journey.

 Concluding with an entertaining small group activity, complete with funny props and swashbuckling bluster, teams are pitted against each other to see who can create the most amusing celebratory song. The entire day’s hilarity and merriment is captured on video and edited into a memorable keepsake to share with family and friends or even to use on your company website.

 Lift Your Vision, Share Your Journey

Offered as an affordable package deal with delicious catering included, the Celebrating our Journey experience provides businesses with a fun and creative alternative to outdated end of year parties, giving leaders the unique opportunity of engaging with their teams for an entire day in a relaxed, open and comfortable environment.

Claim back this amazing chance to connect with, celebrate your past success and envision your team for the future. Contact Empanda to book your company’s Celebrating our Success Journey today, our available spaces are filling up fast.

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