Become the Next E-Learning Wizard

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The world has changed rapidly. The new normal is learning everything through online portals and platforms. So, the time has come to leave insecurities and the comfort of the familiar at the door and step into the magical world of e-learning. It is time to take your training and teaching online.


Experts predict that the e-learning industry will grow by a staggering $38 billion between 2020 and 2024, increasing its value beyond $243 billion by 2022. With a whopping 900% growth rate from 2000, this is by far the fastest growing global market (source).


COVID-19 is accelerating the shift that was happening anyway. It’s just happening so much faster now because face-to-face training is just not possible with this pandemic in the air. Many companies have transformed quickly into the digital learning space, but so many of us have been left wondering where we’ll get the budget, the tools, the resources, and the right training. 


What is My Special Strength?


I have always struggled with this question. My talents are not as apparent as others. Growing up I always envied my brothers their artistic talent and wished I could draw, paint, create like they did. I dreamed about a singing voice that made people sit up and take notice. All these things had me convinced that I don’t have a special power, that I am just another joe, doomed to hide in the shadows, making way for the real stars of life.


Then I became someone’s hero. Teaching English to teens who found themselves far away from their parents, lost in a world where the language was gibberish, was one of the most fulfilling experiences I ever had. It was amazing how quickly I took on the role of teacher, which is much like a barman in the sense that you are never just a teacher. You become advisor, parent, confidant, and friend.


Corporate training was obviously the next step for me, and I learned a lot. I was immersed in the industry, got to know the people, learned the rules, braved the setbacks, lived the drama, and eventually got chewed up and spat out. I am too gentle for corporate.


Found It!


I wanted to be freely creative again and feel that joy of getting up in the morning and loving my job, but the fear had already set in… Fear of failure, fear of not being good enough, fear of not being supported, fear of my own shadow and with complete doubt in my abilities.


The only way to get over your fear is to face it, right? Well, I went out and said yes. Even if I didn’t know how to do it, even if I was completely lost; I said yes. I can do it – and I did. 


Because that’s my special strength, I find the solution, I solve the problem. Because of my training background, I look at the bigger picture and the small parts that make up the whole. I conceptualise, rework, and restore.


So, this e-learning thing that so many of us are terrified of facing; I know all the excuses and reasons for not taking the first step. I wrote the book on excuses. And now I have written the book on designing e-learning courses.


A N.E.W look at e-Learning


Whether you are a complete novice, an experienced teacher or trainer, or a learning and development professional; either way, the time has come to adapt to the magical world of digital learning. It is possible to reach new and existing learners through this pandemic and get a slice of that multi-billion-dollar pie while we are at it.


You’re probably thinking that a magic guide, outlining how to go about writing an e-learning course, with a bag of tricks that gives you access to powerful tools and templates (on a tight budget!), is the only way you will be able to conquer this other world.


I was there. As a facilitator and a teacher, I had to change the way I approached my lessons, presentations, and content writing – I’m a face-to-face kind of girl, you see. 


It’s not easy and quite scary to be honest. But, with the right information, a little support from your network, and an e-learning wizard’s playbook, things just magically fall into place.


If any of this resonated with you, check out the webinar on how to Become the Next E-Learning Wizard and unlock your powers of online course design.

One Comment on “Become the Next E-Learning Wizard

Hilton Peek
19 August 2020 at 9:05 am

What a wonderful article! I love how this is personalised and that I can identify with it in many ways. I’m so excited to see how I will be able to leverage e-learning to build my own brand in the future! Thank you, Zita, I can’t wait to get involved!


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