Free Diagnostic: Are You Instilling a Coaching Mindset Whilst Leading Your Virtual Team?

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We are a world in crisis!

As well as serious implications for people’s health, COVID-19 is continuing to have a profound impact on businesses and economies around the world.Businesses are having to navigate a myriad of financial and operational challenges whilst still addressing the needs of their employees, customers, and suppliers.

On the human capital management side, it has become more important than ever to foster spaces for internal reflection; authentically showing up; connection; and the enablement of our virtual teams.

In our diagnostic, we unpack what it means to instil an integrated coaching mindset by looking at an icon of Africa, the majestic baobab tree.


The baobab is strongly anchored by an extensive and strong root system 

The internal thoughts, feelings, and beliefs of our remote workers will determine how flexible, adaptable, and resilient they are. It is incumbent on us as leaders to provide a space for reflection and recharge. Actively monitoring their sentiments and helping them to work through their fears and concerns will go a long way towards enhancing employee motivation and morale. Do our remote workers feel heard as they struggle to manage the blurring of work-life boundaries? How healthy is our foundation or root structure?


With a height of up to 25 meters, the branches of the baobab form an impressive canopy

How our remote workers ‘show up’ and embrace the new ways of working, will often showcase their level of motivation and personal engagement. Our job, as a leader, is to foster a culture of trust, and to keep up with the work-life approach of a new generation of workers.

Have we used this time to strengthen our employee value proposition and ensure that we have mechanisms in place to manage performance and get immediate feedback on their behaviour? How healthy does our tree look?


Known as the tree of life – the baobab can provide shelter, clothing, food, and water

The individual and team’s sense of connection, shared values and purpose is important to foster a culture of inclusivity, collaboration, and engagement. Remote workers feel isolated from their team, and our job is to provide a thriving and inclusive virtual culture, where each employee feels comfortable, safe, respected, and treated like a valued member of the team.

Have we implemented simple and practical strategies to help our virtual team build resilience, cohesion, and effectiveness? Does our tree enjoy strong symbiotic relationships?


There are several threats to the baobab’s existence

Take care of your virtual teams, and they will take care of your business. Proactively set them up for success by thoughtfully planning, and putting systems, tools, processes, resources, and support in place to mitigate stress.


Have we developed ground rules for their new way of working and adjusted tasks to better fit the new virtual milieu? Is our tree thriving in its current environment?


Our diagnostic asks a simple question: Are you instilling a coaching mindset whilst leading your virtual team? The questions are designed to organise a holistic perspective that gives an informed and objective answer. Our purpose is to find leaders and organisations that have had to adapt quickly and are invested in setting their virtual team up for success. If you have already adopted a coaching mindset, it could provide insight into optimised development priorities in one or more of the four key areas.


A growing commitment towards the wellbeing of our workers and the ongoing rise of the remote worker, is the way of the future and we, as leaders, are going to have to continue adapting and developing agile workforce strategies to make the situation work for everyone involved.


Please follow the link to complete the diagnostic: Go to Diagnostic

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