How kickstarting one CEO became an energising programme to support healthy remote work everywhere.

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They say in life it’s the people who cross your path that lead you to great victories. Here’s a little background on one of them…  


As a qualified Biokineticist,  2020 was shaping up to be a wonderful year. One with big tasks and big adventures. And then, wow, along came Covid-19 with plans to make it extra super special and unique…  


From one sedentary CEO to an energised team


In early 2020 I got to meet Christy, the amazing CEO of Empanda. We were just starting her journey toward a Healthier lifestyle, getting herself up from being sedentary to becoming more aware of what you can do in life to give yourself a kick start… when we entered lockdown and everything changed.  

Suddenly it was no longer possible to pitch in early each morning and get Christy to do her workout before her hectic day. So, I decided to bring the workout to her – digitally. A quick 5 minute daily online session with her. 

…And then more than her. We decided to get her entire Empanda team energised by kicking off her morning group meeting with some action. And the team loved it! No excuses, no backing out, we got everyone moving, motivated and ready for the day.  

That’s where this amazing program started.


A holistic, biokinetic approach to protecting employees


As a Biokineticist we have such a big influence on people’s lives. But how can we optimally boost confidence, employee wellbeing, and social interaction all while keeping our social distance? What about those working hard, those with back-to-back schedules, and those that have never trained before? 

Lockdown brings specific risks to people that find themselves sitting for long periods of time without moving. Traditional risks of RSI, back pain, a contracted range of motion – and all the other ills associated with a sedentary lifestyle. 

The brain, body and mental daily kick start is uniquely designed to meet all these requirements. It is designed as total protection, to defend against physical injury and decline without even knowing it. Just 5 minutes a day protects and builds your core, helping to build healthy habits, which effortlessly become a routine. 

We have really seen mindsets change. A month in, we realised that the Empandas were starting to exercise more in wider life, springboarding from this core drumbbeat. When the lockdown eased, we found we had new runners!


The surprising motivational power of micro-exercise


By doing a 5 minute workout 5 times a week you accumulate 25 minutes of physical movement that you did not plan for or have to get dressed for. Whilst easy individually, the exercises are more intense than would be possible in a 25 minute session. No one needs to change clothes or worry about getting sweaty. It’s fun, and the team brings its personality into play to create a lot of laughs.   

What started off as a journey for a one-on-one client and her health, led to an amazing program developed, designed and planned specifically for the busy working employee. Those that don’t have time, those with social interaction needs, or those just in need of a kick start to their day! 

All with a 5 minute workout (stretching, core activation, arm blaster, leg burner or cardio) or just a 5 minute social event laughing, strengthening the body and getting you ready for the rest of the day. Interacting with your team, working together, planning and just enjoying life, getting yourself healthier and more functional for what the day has planned. 

If any of those elements are missing from your workplace, then this program is for you!


Spreading the magic wider


To increase the power of this simple program, we’ve developed an amazing 3 month long rotational program where every day you focus on a different body area to make sure you keep your functionality. No more back or joint problems, no more taking sick leave due to your body not being able to handle the workload. Sitting, working, working, sitting, repeat, repeat, repeat… no longer!

This program has been designed to engage every aspect of the body from Monday to Friday, making sure you always get a quick 5 minute workout in. You don’t even have to get dressed or get sweaty. 

This program is specifically designed to make sure we focus on body, mind, and ultimately mental health – the anchor of the body and our well-being. Along the way you’ll find bonus healthy tips and reminders that this is all about YOU!


Are you ready to be energized by the energizer bunny? Then let’s kick things off and get our daily 5 minute workout!

2 Comments on “How kickstarting one CEO became an energising programme to support healthy remote work everywhere.

Christy Hunter Chapman
9 December 2020 at 1:12 pm

Hey Leilani, I really enjoyed the article, thank you for everything that you do to keep us energized. Team Empanda love your work!

28 January 2021 at 12:14 pm

LOVE Working with the Empanda team and getting their day KICKSTARTED in the right way! LOVE the improvement we are starting to see in the team’s HEALTH!


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