Experiences leaders can use to motivate teams

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Engage, enable and evolve inspirational teams and pathways to future success

Virtual Courses

Instilling a Coaching Mindset whilst leading a Virtual Team

Based on a world in crisis – it has become more important than ever for leaders to embrace an online workforce.

Become the Next
e-Learning Wizard

Available 28th September 2020

if you want in on the power of elearning,
it is time to become the Next eLearning Wizard.

Expansion through Yoga

Available 5th October 2020

It is only when we shed layers, to be present in the here and now, that we can we start to immerse ourselves …

Mobilising Our Path to the Future

When we are starting out on a mission it really helps to get everyone together. 

Women That Run with Wolves

A path-way to fast-tracking
women leadership in business.


Relationships at the Heart of Value

We understand how we can innovate our approach to connecting, both internally and externally.

Planning to Deliver the 2030 Agenda

Providing insight and practical
steps to ensure transition from
awareness to implementation.

Virtue in an Evolving World

Providing a framework for guiding ethical practices in your organisation.


Virtual Team Building

We are One, We are Fun

An energising, fun, power rush of connection to get everyone feeling reconnected an invigorated.

Our Role as Totally Motivating Leaders

Recognise that leadership is about being a leader of people, not simply
 a manager of tasks.

World Cafe: Accelerating ideas

Generating and testing ideas,
leading to greater strategic team
input and accelerated innovation.

Inspiring Our Team for the Win

This journey ensures
team vision is aligned to 
organisational vision.

Our Heroic

Bring clarity and structure to
better understand our personal
journeys and those of others.

Free Webinars

Thursday, Sept 3rd - 11:00 AM SAST

do you want to expand physically, mentally and spiritually?

We all have faced times of stress and anxiety whether it be at home or at work and are feeling the effects …


Become the Next
e-Learning Wizard

The time has come to write your course and get it into the digital space.


Are you instilling a Coaching Mindset whilst leading your Virtual Team?

Based on a world in crisis – it has become more important than ever to foster spaces for internal reflection …


Becoming a Totally Motivated Leader

We are all leaders, yet whether or not we are effective relies upon whether we can motivate our people.


Join the Online Learning Revolution

We are experiencing huge demand in the online learning space.  And we need to scale.


The Oasis leadership journey blends coaching, learning and consulting to create an experience that leaders leverage to motivate for transformational change.


Oasis Leadership Journey

OASIS makes it easy for leaders to focus on engaging, enabling and evolving people, improving understanding, connection, and adaptive performance.

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