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Oasis Leadership Journey

For leaders who want to inspire and motivate excellence


The OASIS Leadership Journey focuses on enhancing adaptive leadership traits through learning, coaching and real life practical application directly into your business.


The OASIS Leadership Journey is directed towards organisations who believe that investing in leadership and company culture is critical to business success. OASIS builds play, purpose and potential directly into your organisational culture by guiding your leaders through an immersive experience. Your leaders will learn how to build motivation levels and apply their learning directly into the business, enhancing both employee and customer value propositions.


The OASIS Leadership Journey is an experience, supported by Empanda’s interactive toolset, enabling learning, coaching, action plan management, collaboration, team building, as well as a view of improvement insights.

We start by calibrating the programme to your organisational goals and priorities to ensure strategic alignment. The journey contains 6 unique and connected phases, each designed to take leadership to the next level. Our approach is syndicate based, ensuring strong relationship building between colleagues.

There is a strong focus on enabling cross organisational communication, as well as highly effective engagement between organisational layers. Leaders will directly grapple with the vision, mission and objectives they are responsible for. The journey supports leaders in enabling deep and sustained understanding within motivated and empowered teams.


Before the course starts, leaders are prepared by doing an assessment of their own Total Motivation, and at the end of the course, the syndicate of leaders doing the course make recommendations to senior management, or appropriate business improvement stakeholders, ensuring your organisation is primed to perform.

  • Incubate: Understanding our own motivational drivers
  • Connect: Connecting with our peers to form strong bonds and identify motivational patterns
  • Listen: Deepening our organisational insight and understanding what motivates our people
  • Create: Creating leadership initiatives that will create sustainable motivationToMo
  • Activate: Activating and managing agile change initiatives
  • Innovate: Connecting learnings to the wider organisation to evolve value
  • Invest in and develop leaders that are fit for the future
  • Enhance agility, creativity and innovation in teams
  • Create a high performance culture
  • Directly strengthen your employee value proposition
  • Align your employees to focus on customer centricity
  • Rapidly drive business results and profitability

As the toolset Empanda provides will become an integral part of your management toolset and continue to benefit your organisation on a daily basis.

The experience is supported by highly qualified and experienced business coaches who will understand each level of your business and create interconnected peer groups that will.

Your leaders feel valued and recognised by your investment in their development.

The OASIS Leadership Journey will improve business results in a way that is aligned to your values, goals and strategies.


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Christy Hunter Chapman

Christy Hunter Chapman

Founder and CEO at Empanda

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