Experience a Leadership Journey

A powerful experience that builds high performance directly into your business by building “Total Motivation”.

The OASIS Leadership Journey focuses on enhancing adaptive leadership traits through learning, coaching and real life practical application directly into your business.
Who should go on this journey?

The OASIS Leadership Journey is directed towards organisations who believe that investing in leadership and company culture is critical to business success.  OASIS builds play, purpose and potential directly into your organisational culture by guiding your leaders through an immersive experience.  Your leaders will learn how to build motivation levels and apply their learning directly into the business, enhancing both employee and customer value propositions. 

The OASIS Leadership Journey is an experience, supported by Empanda’s interactive toolset, enabling learning, coaching, action plan management, collaboration, team building, as well as a view of improvement insights.

Benefits of investing in leadership

There is a significant body of research and scientific proof that demonstrates that “Total Motivation”drives a material improvement in business performance. We can accurately measure your individual, leader’s and company’s culture and motivation levels and tie this directly to your performance, turning your culture into an asset. 

Invest in and develop leaders that are fit for the future
Enhance agility, creativity and innovation in teams
Create a high performance culture
Directly strengthen your employee value proposition
Align your employees to focus on customer centricity
Rapidly drive business results and profitability
Your OASIS Journey

The Oasis Leadership Survey

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We offer your business a sustainable solution

As the toolset Empanda provides will become an integral part of your management toolset and continue to benefit your organisation on a daily basis.

Build long term value to your business

The experience is supported by highly qualified and experienced business coaches who will understand each level of your business and create interconnected peer groups that will.

Feel valued and recognised

Your leaders feel valued and recognised by your investment in their development.

Improve business results

The OASIS Leadership Journey will improve business results in a way that is aligned to your values, goals and strategies.

Introducing the ToMo Motives

OASIS leverages Total Motivation, creating a sense of leadership, supported by a programme of practical work directly within your business to deliver results. It invests in your leaders, encouraging adaptive and out of the box thinking, agility and creativity. OASIS supports the development of a high performing culture and directly strengthens motivation levels in teams. It opens communication channels and builds an aligned sense of purpose and clear vision.

About Primed to Perform

The ToMo concept was coined by Vega Factor in their seminal book “Primed to Perform” and is based on extensive research into what drives a high performance organisational culture. See more about their book and take their ToMo surveys to measure your motivation levels.

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