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Christy Hunter Chapman

Founder and CEO at Empanda


Cape Town, South Africa

I am the founder and director of Empanda. My focus has become supporting a growing community of authors, who want to design innovative learning experiences for the virtual and real world. I’m a passionate explorer of what it takes to enhance our ability to motivate our teams. I get truly excited about designing learning pathways that help us engage, enable and evolve our potential. I am always hunting for the talent that we and our clients need to deliver our mission. I am also an avid supporter of the 2030 Agenda, sustainability, permaculture, and promoting action for an even better South Africa, and wider world.

Core Skills

My Professional Bio

I specialise in organisational change and online learning, having spent 20 years on major digital transformation programmes enabling people to thrive in changing environments. I’m an entrepreneur and trail blazer, fascinated by new and emerging technologies that can create user friendly, inspiring and fun online experiences. My core role is to architect and deliver a Juno tool that ensures our offering supports the needs of our course authors and facilitators, fuelling inspiring missions that create engaging experiences.
I hold an MA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Magdalen College, Oxford, and was an officer in the British Army before starting my career at Accenture.

My Qualifications and Accreditations

How I Can Help You​

I can help you to define your online learning experience requirements, whether you have an existing face to face experience you are seeking to pivot into the virtual world, or whether you have an idea for a course. Ask me for a free visioning session and I will happily spend time with you to understand your vision for the future. There are huge number of platforms and tools in the market place, which can be confusing. We love to try and test new techniques and tools and can share our journey, to help you accelerate yours.

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