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Louise Brouard

ICF Credentialed Leadership Coach & Management Consultant


Cape Town, South Africa

I refuse to relax in the embracing arms of The Average. I like to live large; engage fully in the world; and am passionate about combining the ability to express my unique talents with service to humanity. I combine my natural strength and energy with measured and insightful decision-making and a healthy dose of collaboration. I work with an integral approach to coaching and see myself as well-positioned to play a catalyst role to liberate people’s inner strengths so that they can become more of who they already are.

Core Skills

Instilling a Coaching Mindset whilst leading a Virtual Team

My Professional Bio

I have represented South Africa on a Professional Group Study Exchange (GSE) to France and was the youngest member to be selected onto the Nedbank Corporate Forum, an open forum for discussion of strategic issues, initiation of new ideas, and group interaction across areas of specialisation.

As a Management Consultant (Strategy, Change & Outsourcing) who has specialised in the enablement of complex IT and business transformation programs across several industries, I have developed the ability to both troubleshoot and facilitate productive change at all levels within the organisation. 

Since qualifying as an Integral Coach, I have amassed good experience across a range of clients, including private, teams, business and NGOs

My Qualifications and Accreditations

How I Can Help You​

I am an ICF Credentialed Leadership Coach and Management Consultant who likes to work with high-achieving individuals and teams to help instill an integrated coaching mindset. I believe that by fostering a space for internal reflection, authentically showing up, connection and enablement, we can liberate people’s inner strengths so that they can become more of who they already are.

My role is to act as a catalyst to help Leaders discover what makes them come alive and to disturb them to dare more boldly thereby Illuminating their minds, elevating their moods and liberating their potential.

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